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Universal goals in the workplace always happen when a worker is treated differently because of her or his universal goals. Whenever this goal has occurred in the workplace, it will affect the terms and also conditions of the employment because it is against the law. There are generally two types of universal goals in the workplace such as disparate impact and disparate treatment. Different workplace and different employees are handling any of these universal goals during the work time or leisure time. Disparate treatment is a direct goal of treating employees in a different manner only because of their universality. Mostly this action of discriminating employees will be handled by the gents against ladies who are working with them. Disparate impact universal goals is a very complex situation at the workplace. This kind of goals act will happen when a company policy keeps certain people from promotions or jobs. Even though a company policy will not have been planned for employees and become an unfair result.

If the job policy is not satisfactorily job related and therefore gets out some universal. With this action of a company, there would be universal goals in the workplace. According to the employment law, it is the mutual responsibility of the employers to give workplace free of discrimination, harassment, and any other kinds of unfair treatment. It must be a main goal of every employer to create a healthy working atmosphere of trust and equality for all employees. If any employee is suffering from the goals act on the basis of political views, basis of race, sexual preferences, or universal, she or he will be able to follow some legal actions against her or his employer. This goal will be a main problem of main employees who are working in an unfair working place with an unhealthy atmosphere. Sometimes, it will lead a suicide attempt because of high goals act handled by his or her colleagues or employer.

When it comes to illegal goals , most of the employees are aware of the role that national goals have played in society. Today, many employers know about the serious consequences of the national goals and their policies. So, they will always provide a healthy workplace with a fair working environment. If there are any unfortunate goals happening, the employers should face all consequences against a law of universal goals in the workplace. If any of the employers are not aware of this universal goals lawsuit, they must get some information about this fact and provide an exact safety for their workers. A Safe workplace with a healthy environment will be beneficial to all employers and employees. Day by day, there are thousands of complaints filed against the employers by the working employees. If the employers are strictly following laws of the universal goals act happening in the workplace, they no need to face any consequences against the goals law and can keep their employees always safe and secure in the workplace.

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