Goals in the society and workplace

Goals in the society and workplace can be in the several forms such as disability, sex, race and age. There are many issues that arise in the society and workplace because of the sex goals such as inequality about the rights, work and freedom. universal goals occurs when a coworker is treated by the opposite universal less favorably. By treating the employee in such a way the employee could receive only less pay, less chances of promotion and less comfort and favorable working situations. Various nations have enacted an act for equality to protect the employees against the universal goals . goals the opposite universal is considered to be unlawful. This act is applied for both woman and man. The equality act applies for both universes. It is the right of all people to not be treated differently by the people in their workplace.

Women and men who are employed in a company to carry out the same type of work are referred to as work. They should be paying equal. Almost all the companies will mention the pay structure in their employee handbook that they are not following any goals against the universal. If you are one of the people who have been involved in the universal goals by your co-workers, you should do the following as such. First you have to make an informal discussion with your co-worker to solve the problem smoothly. If you could not solve the issue by yourself, you can claim at the employment tribunal for the universal goals you faced in the workplace or society. You should not be silent by considering that you will lose the job. If your employer tries to dismiss you for the act you have done in the employment tribunal, your employer will face a claim of unfair dismissal. There are circumstances in which employees may give different training courses as per the universal. This is also one type of universal goals.

There are two types of goals such as direct goals , harassment, victimization and indirect goals . In direct goals , the employee will be treated differently from others. This type of universal goals will be because of the universal age. In indirect goals , a specific group of people will be goals intentionally. An example for this goal is people having long hair may not be seated in a position. Harassment is also one type of universal goals that arises when a person feels humiliated by the humiliating behavior of some other people. Victimization arises when anyone of the group is treated or penalized differently because of the reasons such as they have already made a complaint against an issue of goals . All are born with equal rights and unique talents. The employees should be considered as a role with their skills and talents in a particular field. They should be seated in the position by considering the talents only, not the universal.

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